Indications of a Dead Tree on Your Lawn

Trees have a pretty long lifespan. There are a couple of species that can live for 50 years and some can live for 100 years. A tree will start dropping its branches and lose its structural stability if it dies.    

Of course, this can produce a risky situation for homeowners and their families and property. Because of this, it is vital to monitor dying trees to know if you’ve got to search for best tree stump removal Manchester services.  

Today, we are going to share with you a couple of indications of a dead tree on your lawn.    

Falling Branches   

A dead tree tends to drop branches more often compared to healthy and living trees. The tree starts to lose its moisture content whenever it dies. This causes it to dry out and rot eventually.    

Because of this, this stops branches from being able to hold up themselves. They eventually fall to the ground at some point. There is an excellent possibility that it is either dying or dead if you’re forced to pick up branches around your tree’s base too often.   


You should check the tree for indications of fungus. The reason for this is that it might specify that the tree is dead. This is especially true in the case of big fungi, such as the wood conchs (also known as bracket fungus). The roots are probably decaying if you see huge colonies of fungus around the trunk.   

Peeling Bark   

Peeling bark is another significant indication of a dead tree. Bark serves as the skin of your tree as you might know already. It protects the tree from plant-eating animals and weather.    

Trees that are dying and dead will start to shed their bark. This causes it to peel off. Aside from that, peeling bark can also signify that the tree isn’t acquiring enough nutrients. Thus, it might be headed that way even if it isn’t dead.    

Ants Around Trunk   

You should check the trunk for indications of carpenter ants if you come across a tree on the lawn that you think is dead. It is common for insects, such as carpenter ants, to feast on decaying and dead tree trunks.   

You will notice sawdust around the trunk’s base whenever this happens. Sawdust is the result of carpenter ants feasting through your tree.    

What Should You Do?   

You shouldn’t leave a dying or dead tree on your lawn. It is too dangerous. There is always a chance of a strong wind to blow it over even if it stays upright for a lot of years.    

In addition to that, if someone happened to be under the tree at the wrong moment, falling branches can injure that person. If you’ve got dying or dead trees on your lawn, you need to hire a professional arborist to get rid of the tree. This will help prevent accidents.    

Removing a tree is not a DIY project. Without the right tools and skills, you might end up damaging your property or hurting someone in the process.