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How to Make a Small Window Look Larger?

Larger windows are attractive to look at, besides the fact that they serve as a good ventilator and light provider in your home. Most people are opting for larger windows because having them wide open can save so much energy bills. You do not need to turn on your AC unit as it will give you enough air while you are working at home. Moreover, larger windows give you good access to natural light so you will not need to turn on your lights in the daylight. And oh, natural light boosts your mood and focus too!  



While bigger windows are a hit now, some households just do not have this structure. And although it is easy and way too convenient to have some window replacement, you can also do these simple and doable hacks to make your small windows appear bigger and larger: 


  1. Manipulate the width and height of your window – when it comes to the ways on how to hang your curtains, there are no rules to it. This being said, you can always extend your curtain rod beyond the size of the window frame and have a larger curtain. In this way, you will create the illusion of having bigger windows. You can also try to layer the window treatments and have your roller shade hang directly below the window valance.
  2. Stay away from darker shades and curtains – having darker curtains and shades can block sunlight that reinforces the smallness of your windows. Natural lighting can add to the illusion of larger window size to your need to make sure you get good lighting. Choose colors that are light in shade or choose sheer window treatments that allow the natural light to shine through the window. Black curtains may have some advantages when it comes to giving some weight and aesthetics to your home, but if your goal is to have that illusion of larger windows, stay away from them. 
  3. Play with the patterns – Stay away from horizontal patterns as this will make your windows look smaller and thinner. Instead, opt for vertically-oriented patterns for your windows to achieve the opposite effect. They will make you look upwards, which creates the illusion of having taller windows. 
  4. Rearrange your furniture – when you have a small window and you do not put anything for decorations, it will look smaller. To avoid this, decorate your wall with furniture below the window so it will have many elements that play in your sight. In this way, the window is contrasted with elements and will not look plain and small. 
  5. Have some plantation shutters – when you install plantation shutters that are larger than the size of your window, this effectively makes your window look bigger and larger too. This can also be a good option if you want some privacy and when other window treatments do not work according to your preferences. 



In creating the illusion of a bigger window, you need to lengthen the width and height by manipulating some elements that surround your windows such as the curtains, curtain roll, and furniture.  

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