Discovering a dent on the vehicle that you’ve just bought can’t be more agitating. No matter how hard you want to always drive carefully, sometimes, unexpected accidents are bound to happen. These accidents include pebbles that hit your vehicles, incorrectly parked vehicles, or even dropping pine cones. Because having a dent repair Dallas with the help of an expert can be shockingly costly, a lot of us won’t ever think of getting them repaired. Although, small dents should never be neglected.  


Fortunately, there are a lot of ways you can do to fix them from your automobile with just common things we can find in our household, which includes vacuum cleaner, aluminum foil, or even a plunger. Since not all approaches won’t obviously work for your car, you have to determine which once would be the ideal solution for your car dent. Here are some of them: 

Use boiling water  

This approach can work for plastic bumper dents and on the portions of your vehicle that’s made out of plastic. All you have to do is to boil one pot of water. Then, pour it over your bumper’s dented part. Moreover, you might have to take to take the bumper off first when you cannot reach the dent. Lastly, pour one pot of cold water onto the bumper in order to fix the plastic area and let it cool.  

Use a plunger 

Did you know that plungers are one of the best tools you have at homeApart from its capability to unclog toilets, you can use it for several other purposes as well. Once a dent isn’t that big, it can simply be removed with a plunger. What you should do is to pour some water on top of the dent & plunger. You can start from pushing the plunger in an up & down motion. Keep on doing this a few times and wait for the dent to pop out.  

Use a hair dryer 

Determine where is the dent placed and measure it. Look for household materials namely one pack of dry ice, aluminum foil, a hair dryer, rubber coated gloves, and one can of compressed air. First, use the hair dryer to heat the dent, which must be kept almost 6 in. far from the surface of your vehicle. Then, conceal the dent by one aluminum foil piece. Wear the rubber coated gloves to make sure that your hands are protected from any injuries. After that, try rubbing the dry ice on top of the aluminum foil that covers the dent. Moreover, you can coil the dented part using the liquified compressed air. The temperature’s rapid fluctuation will make the dent pop out and this can possibly occur after a couple of minutes.  

Use a bucket a vacuum cleaner 

At the bottom of a bucket, create small holes. Utilize the bucket’s upper portion to conceal the dent. Then, place the vacuum cleaner’s tube on the hole on the bucket’s bottom, switch on the vacuum cleaner, and then wait for some time until the dent will pop out.